Easy up your life with more functionality

By designing and creating libraries I follow some rules:


  Check  20x Controls
Enhance your WPF with new controls and additional behaviours Check  9+ Behaviors
  Check  Some Converters
WPFToolkit  Check  Documented
Everybody who develops applications knows that in the .Net framework some controls are just missing. You maybe would like to have a simple NumberBox or a TreeListView, but such controls are not available build-in.
Or you would like to have more functionalities on your existing WPF controls.
The DW.WPFToolkit fills up these gaps, as soon you want to solve a problem or you just need a better control you should have a look into this library.
  Check  Fast
Test your surface automated, easy, and in full speed Check  Robust
  Check  Easy
CodedUI  Check  Documented

If you want to test your application automated, and you should, you see a lot of work to do.
And with the lifetime of the application the tasks increases more and more.

With this library many problems can be solved very fast and very easy. Surface tests can make a lot of fun if you have the right tool on your hand!

  Check  All you need for MVVM
Get basic functionality for your daily C# work Check  Stand-alone
  Check  Base objects and utilities
SharpTools  Check  Documented

This library contains many object you need for all your C# applications for example a ServiceLocator, an ObservableObject which is the ideal base class for MVVM objects.
There are also objects for a much easier usage of the MVVM pattern.

With this library you can create your applications in a much easier way.